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Caring Minds Treatment Centers were established to meet the needs of our clients’ mental, physical, and emotional state of being. We strive to create an environment that is safe, compassionate, and nurturing ensuring our patients are treated with respect. We work to build a path of treatment that will provide our clients with the joy of a secured future.


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About PTSD

PTSD is the result of an experience outside of the normal human experience. War is outside of the normal human experience for most Americans. Veterans returning home are so traumatized from the horrors of war that they seek help from the government that sends them to war to become normal again. Our government has become so inefficient and overwhelmed that it has little hope in serving the men and women that serve our country and protect our way of life.

Our veterans do not receive the vital help they need in time to save their lives. One veteran commits suicide every 65 minutes in desperation to escape the nightmares and the mental images that haunt and ravage their minds every moment of every day.

About Caring Minds Treatment Centers

How We Can Help

At Caring Minds Treatment Centers, we do not collect money to give to other charities only to get lost in the shuffle. At Caring Minds Treatment Centers we give psychological help directly to the men and women that so desperately need the mental and emotional support in order to move forward and find joy in the lives they had before going to war.

At Caring Minds Treatment Centers, our staff offer psychological services to our veterans at no cost but also to the people that suffer in silence as their loved ones suffer. Rebuilding these men and women not only rests with psychological help for them but psychological help for their families so they can have healthy relationships again with hope for their future.


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